January 2021

Chevenham Court, Malvern

Take a look at the beautiful recently completed development set within the heart of the Malvern Hills. It is great that we have been able to bring Platform Housing Group’s plan to redevelop Chevenham Close to life by demolishing the pre-existing buildings and replacing them with 6 houses and 12 apartments. We look forward to continuing Continue reading Chevenham Court, Malvern

Waterworks Lane, Leominster

Not even Covid-19 could stop these incredible veterans from moving into their homes! We are extremely proud to have been the contractor on such a prestigious local project. Working in partnership with Stonewater and Alabaré to build 19 affordable dwellings with 6 dwellings allocated exclusively to ex-service personnel. Along with building their homes, they have gained valuable, transferable skills Continue reading Waterworks Lane, Leominster