Completion at Lenton Croft

Located in South Yardley, East of Birmingham, we have successfully handed over 3 new dwellings on behalf of BMHT.

Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust is Birmingham City Council’s house building arm and were set up when they were faced with an increased housing demand but were experiencing a diminishing stock.

The concept of the design at Lenton Croft was to create modern dwellings with distinct character. The fenestration has been kept simple with large openings and contemporary frames. This allows for a good amount of light into the living spaces and it has been proven that this reduces levels of agitation, stress and fatigue whilst improving moods and enhancing morale.

The houses also adopt inclusive designs which ensures the entire development can be used safely by as many people as possible without separate provision. This includes; people with differing disabilities, elderly people and parents and guardians of young children.

We are enthused that we have been able to meet BMHT commitments to deliver larger, affordable and inclusive family homes suitable for the increasing population.