Christchurch Road and The Wardens

Coventry, West Midlands
West Mercia Developments
Kartar Consulting
JCT Design and Build 2011


  • 21 No. Residential Properties
  • Design and Build


J. Harper and Sons (Leominster) Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor for the delivery of 21 houses across 2 Garage sites at Christchurch Road and Wardens Avenue, Coventry. Both sites were situated within a densely populated residential area, with all the restrictions, technical requirements and coordination required for such a scheme.

The project was delivered under a Design and Build Contract with Harpers employing Architects, Engineers and Code Assessors, to ensure that the project met all the Client’s expectations in regard to Specification, Warranty, Building Regulations and Sale Requirements.

The scheme was delivered with a commitment to support the local community subcontract and supply chain. The project being resourced by achieving an 85% Local Authority target.

Extensive training was undertaken on site with subcontractors encouraged to adopt CSCS card certification, with 3 young people undertaking and completing apprenticeship training as a direct result of the project.

The project was completed to a high standard in respect to Health and Safety with two visits being made by the local Health and Safety Executive reporting appropriate practices, with above 90% achievement level being recorded on inspection by our own external Health and Safety Consultants.

J. Harper and Sons (Leominster) Ltd is currently an ongoing long term partner of West Mercia Housing Group and benefits from a long standing relationship, where the Client’s expectations in relation to Design, sustainability, saleability, local economy employment, whist achieving project delivery, is developed and advanced with partnering and negotiated contracts currently ongoing.