World Mental Health Day 2021

This World Mental Health Day we are joining our chosen charity for the year, MIND, in the fight for mental health equality.

Did you know that in 2020, 1 in 6 young people had a mental health problem? (NHS Digital, 2020)

Harper Group want to change this statistic so we have signed our name and pledged to the Building Mental Health Charter to lead by example. As a company, we are committing to the Building Mental Health framework which helps to break down barriers through the provision of information and training to workers in the construction industry.

We are encouraging people to do one thing and add their voice- by starting a conversation about mental health inequality. Today is a chance to learn more about mental health and take the opportunity to speak out and make change happen through our everyday conversations.

For more resources on mental health inequality as well as access to support, you can visit one of the following:

If we all do one thing, we can change everything.