Progress Update: Highfield Lane Development in Quinton!

Great progress is underway at our development site on Highfield Lane in Quinton! We are excited to share some key milestones:

🏡 Wall plates 1-6 are now complete! This marks a significant step forward in the building’s core structure.

🏡 Joist installation for floors 7 and 8 is progressing rapidly! The framework for these upper floors is taking shape.

🏡 The first lift of the scaffolding plot (area 9) is finished! This ensures safe access for our team as construction continues at higher levels.

But that is not all! We are proud to announce that Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust are piloting a scheme for incorporating renewable energy solutions on the Development. This includes the installation of:

Solar PV panels: To generate clean electricity and reduce reliance on the grid.

Infrared panels: Providing a sustainable and energy-efficient heating option.

Hot water cylinders: To maximise the use of renewable energy for domestic hot water.

By implementing these innovative features, our Client is committed to delivering not just affordable homes, but also homes that are environmentally conscious, contributing to a greener future and reducing fuel poverty.

We are working closely with Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust, to bring these much-needed affordable rent properties to the Quinton community.

Stay tuned for further updates as construction progresses!