CT Scanner Unit

Hereford County Hospital, Herefordshire
Wye Valley NHS Trust


  • Refurbishment of the CT Scanner Unit at Hereford County Hospital


The contract required J.Harper & Sons to actively contribute to the co-ordination, both in design and delivery, of a new CT scanner unit at Hereford County Hospital. This involved intensive co-ordination meetings with Toshiba, the mechanical and electrical subcontractors and the specialist service providers to ensure that the enabling works were fully compliant, together with first fix installation, prior to the installation of a fully lead-lined and certified enclosure to the scanner facility and adjacent office area.

The project was 12 weeks in duration with the design development being undertaken in conjunction with the on-site works. J. Harper & Sons actively contributed to value engineering and specification compliance, with the project being delivered on time and to budget.

The work area was deep in the heart of the County Hospital and therefore required a high degree of co-ordination and integration with the existing hospital management staff, with hygiene protection and control being paramount at all times.

A Permit to Work procedure was implemented through Sodexo to ensure that the existing hospital facilities were understood, with some out of hours and night time working being required to ensure continuity of hospital operations.

An extensive commissioning and testing period was carried out with the works completed to an extremely high level of quality and compliance in all regards.