Waterworks Lane

Waterworks Lane, Leominster, Herefordshire
14 Months
Stonewater Procurement
Quattro Design Architects
JCT Design and Build 2016


  • 19 Dwellings
  • Alabare Community Self Build Scheme for Veterans


We were appointed the main contractor on a prestigious local development of 19 dwellings; 6 of which were allocated to ex-service personnel. Working with Stonewater, a company who are ‘committed to providing everyone with a place they can call home’; to bring much needed affordable housing to the area of Leominster.

The existing flats were demolished in Autumn 2019 and the adjacent disused land was cleared to enable 10 houses and 9 flats to be built.  The development benefits from PV panels that were installed on all houses and top floor flats for the use of renewable energy.

We held a competition at a local primary school which allowed the students to design posters for the hoarding on site. 5 winners were chosen and gifted £20.00 vouchers for W H Smith. The posters represented the veterans, war and what the houses could look like once built.

Throughout the build we worked closely with Stonewater and Alabare to help veterans gain valuable, transferable skills that can be used to gain future employment. The veterans, upon completion were given the chance to rent a property they had worked on.

“This scheme has changed my life.  Only last year I was sleeping rough with no hope and my health suffered.  Now I have got my self-esteem back and I have got a home where I can bring my children to and celebrate Christmas together.  I have also gained qualifications and work experience that has allowed me to gain full time employment with J. Harper & Sons and support me and my family. It’s been fantastic and thank you all” Dwain, Veteran Self-builder

Communal gardens have been created with areas to plant flowers, a stoned pathway, benches of remembrance and beautifully sculptured poppies throughout.

We completed the development to the highest standard and we are proud to have been the contractor on such a prestigious project local to us. We look forward to working with Stonewater again in the future.