Laundry Lane

Leominster, Herefordshire
£2.6m (£4.1m)
The Wrekin Housing Trust
Ricketts Architects


  • 36 No. Houses
  • Mix of Open Market, Shared Ownership & Affordable Rent
  • Traditional Masonry Construction


J. Harper & Sons (Leominster) Ltd took over this scheme to construct 36 houses for The Wrekin Housing Trust. Following on from the existing issues caused by works from a previous contractor, there were significant programme and quality issues. We were appointed to complete the scheme as well as rectify much of the existing scheme including some demolition works and replacement of a significant amount of previously completed drainage.

The scheme consisted of mixed tenure properties which included affordable rented properties, affordable shared ownership properties and open market rentals. Also on site was a 300 metre adopted road and the relevant drainage. The site also has a storm attenuation system discharge into local water course which was a large technical civils package.

The scheme handed over ahead of contract programme and within budget. We are also very proud and worked very hard to ensure the site recorded a 100% safety record.